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Bollywood - Have we had enough of the masala and the naach-gaana???

A few days back I came across an article in which the writer, while calling for more movies like Taare Zameen Par instead of masala flicks like Om Shanti Om, felt that it was high time that Indian cinema 'came of age'. Well, having grown up on a generous dose of Suraj Barjatya(I've lost count of how many times they've shown HAHK on TV! ), Aditya Chopra, Karan Johar and the likes, I must agree that our movies must have more substance but on the other hand, we mustn't forget that the aam junta still loves the naach-gaana and the song sequence shot in Switzerland ala Yash Chopra(this is nowadays replaced by an item number featuring some exotic beauty)... We always dreamt of being there, hand-in-hand with our loved ones amidst the snow-capped mountains; we always wished that our padosan would be a Saira Banu (or a Priyanka Chopra these days); we dreamt of saving the day by hitting a six in the last ball of the match or rescue a damsel in distress from her evil stepmoth…