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No chinta...only money!

There're many many things in life I want(read PSP, iPhone, iMac, a shiny red Ferrari and a 42-inch HDTV to name just a few), but a fundamental need for everything material on Earth is Money. Duddu. Paisa. Dabbu. Kaasu. In the endless pursuit of the ever-elusive Miss M, we resort to all sorts of things, both mentionable and unmentionable...lets not get into that. Yet there're a few things one can do for a living (and a rather luxurious one at that) being in Bengalooru or in any city for that matter, with a rather small starting capital and virtually no exit plan required.
Start a +2 /PUC/AIEEE/IIT-JEE coaching centre. And the rest is history. All you need to be is a smooth talker who can easily brain-wash parents, and that's not that big a deal considering the fact that well, everyone with children aged 16-18 are really anxious about their childrens' future and understandably so. Borrow a few questions from a few 'standard' books and voila, the material is ready…

They are the real Champions!

The greatest show on Earth has been a stupendous success so far with an estimated TV viewership of a staggering 3 billion world over(which I'm not part of, thank you NITK!) and ever sinceSarah Brightman and Liu Huan sang the official song You and Me on the large spinning globe at the Bird's Nest on 08/08/08, Beijing has managed to get just about everything right. And what an Olympics we've had so far, be it Michael Phelps' domination of everything that had H2O written on it to Isinbaeva raising the bar and our excitement, one centimetre at a time or the fancied American Gays who were at the receiving end of the Jamaican lightning Bolts event after event on the track. But apart form these extraordinary people, there have been a host of other great men and women who, through sheer practice and their never-say-die attitude have broken all imaginable barriers of the mind and body in dramatic fashion. Here are just a few such unsung heroes of the XXIX Summer Olympics at Bei…