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Why, God? Why God???
Why is there religion on Earth? Isn't it supposed to make the social fabric stronger? Then why are we using religion to rip it apart? Whoever He is, I'm sure spreading terror isn't any God's way of spreading His message. If it is, then why worship such a 'God'? Why God? Why such a God? Why don't these ****ing terrorists understand this? Why do they let themselves be engulfed by fanaticism? Who're they trying to impress? Holding civilization at ransom isn't going to help their religion or their 'cause' in any manner. Then why do it? What turns a 20-something 'educated' person into a cold-blooded, remorseless terrorist? Why, God? Why God? And if colour-coding terror is the norm of the day, why aren't ALL these terror acts labelled green? Why can't we call a spade a spade?
The Creator created one Earth. Who are we to draw boundaries and make territories out of the it and fight wars over them? Why can't th…