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Of Spesals and Defrows...

Despite the absence of malls, multiplexes, cafes, or the general lack of hangouts in any sense, one thing I do like about Mangalore is its ice-cream parlours. It is almost customary for all of us here to make a quick stopover at these parlours everytime we go to Mangalore. Surathkal, too, has its fair share of ice-cream parlours, one of which is called Melting Point. True to its name, the desserts served in this 'sweety' place are rarely in the solid state. Barring the eerie 'interiors' (mirrors all around!) and the cramped furniture, the ice-creams are pretty delectable. But what really makes this nondescript, run-of-the-mill ice-cream parlour worth a visit is its menu card. See it for yourself, I'm sure you'd want to go there! :)

Does anyone have any idea what ANY these are??? Parji, Hamderi Defrow (???!!!), Pantest, Parji, Sheck, Shek, Parchi ???

Blow Daddy - The other side

With tensions rising between India and Pakistan, sense hitting rock-bottom among the Pak top brass and India trying every diplomatic trick in the box to get Islamabad to act, I cannot but wonder what it might be like on the other side of the Radcliffe Line. Here's probably what might be happening in a typical Pakistan home...
Note: This is not a strictly original post; it is inspired from an aricle by Nadeem Paracha, a highly controversial Pak journalist. Hence any resemblance whatsoever to any person or character, living or dead, is not unintentional and not regretted.


Yes, son.

Are we going to have a war with India?


Oh, goody. We will thrash them, right? Like we did in 1857!

It wasn’t in 1857, son.

Oh, okay. But whom did we thrash in 1857?

The British, son…

And the Hindus too, right?

Well…not really...

Did Quaid-i-Azam fight in that war along with Muhammad bin Qasim and Imran Khan?

No, son. The Quaid and Imran were born much later and Muhammad bin Qasim died many years befo…