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City Lights

He hated the city and everything about it – the people, the endless expanse of grey concrete, the blinding lights, the blaring horns...All of nine, he never understood why people, like his father, had moved from the quaint villages to the bustling city. There was so much grey and so less green. He had to walk to the park 2 blocks away just to play ball. They had just moved in a couple of weeks ago, and he had had more than his fair share of unfriendly experiences. He, who had scaled the tallest trees in his backyard, had to be content with climbing the stairs here. There was no neighbourhood tea stall where one could find the elders of the town hotly debating the Indian team’s decision to field first in the ongoing test match and half-naked urchins who had viewed television maybe a dozen times or lesser listening keenly. There were coffee shops and supermarkets and restaurants everywhere. The tongues were unusually harsh and the mouths so much louder; everyday business was marred with…