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Life's good!

Aahhh...holidays! The first few weeks are easily the best. :)

More so if you've just entered the hallowed 'final year'. The last few days at the hostel are spent frantically downloading movies and burning dvds, even amidst exams. With every passing day, trips to the mess become less frequent, partly because of the changed body routine; also the prospect of home food makes the mess food that much more inedible. And the 'Onji Vada Pao, onji fried rice and onji lime' at the Night Canteen provide the necessary sustenance. After those rather forgettable 2-3 weeks, holidays ahoy!!!

The first few holidays are just as how you wanted them to be. Haven't started with the intern yet; no mood to read anything, not even RD, so there's ALL the time in the world to laze away. So you settle on your bean bag with the laptop on your lap and stock up some foodstuff around, never to get your ass off it unless bowel movements force you to do otherwise. Movies, mobile, iPod, YouTu…