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God's Own Convention - Day 2

Apologies for the prolonged slumber. So where was I? Yes...

We awoke at 4.45AM. Yes, I woke up at do Yoga! The lengthy yoga session was in a way refreshing. So was the sight of MadSense dozing off during Shavaasana. Breakfast was followed by a talk on Kerala's folk culture by one Kavalam Narayana, which was both informative and I must admit, pretty monotonous. The talk on folk culture was fittingly followed up by a Kerala folk dancecalled Ottanthullal, which was rather enjoyable and to me seemed like a poor man's Kathakali.

There was also a rather queer acrobatic Tamil folk dance form called Karagattam at the end of which I was both in awe and in splits. Karagattam was followed by the seemingly never-ending Prahlad Natak which I must admit I didn't particularly enjoy very much.

What I liked a lot in the convention, and what made this a convention and not a concert series, were the intensives. These intensives were 5-day 'learning' which were conducted for us…

God's Own Convention - Day 1

Statutory warning - Long post ahead.
This post and the ones that follow are about the SPICMACAY Annual National Convention 2009 at Trivandrum and my experiences there as a delegate. No this is not the formal report. I'm basically taking off where Suhas had left last year although I must admit - no one, yes, NO ONE can come even light years close to doing (and seeing) the things he did (and saw) at Kohima last year and still come back unscathed. If you still are a disbeliever in the inscrutability of the human race and the sheer awesome-ness in the disparity in Nature's creation, we proudly give to you the travails of Suhas in Nagaland as penned by the Man himself.

The journey
On the night of 22nd June, The Suhas, L(owe)kshmisha aka Tiger Baby, Yahoo! MadSense (minus Google BAdSense, for now), Sri Sri Praveen, Ashaji, Mahima Akka, Shiney, Harshal, Shaz and I set off from Bangalore. Tennis Ajji and Aane had left from Mysore. Poonam and Pratheeksha were to join us in Mangalore. So t…