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God's Own Convention - Days 3 and 4

First things first...FINAL YEAR!!! :D

This post shall have my experiences of both Day 3 and Day 4 of the convention, whose first two days have been extensively documented (In other words, please read the 2 posts that precede this one :P). My insuperable indolence has prevented me from documenting the two days separately...due apologies for that. So let's track back to the 26th and 27th of May...

The Yoga session in the wee hours of the morning went well with 12 rounds of Suryanamaskaara among other postures and asanas. Bodily ablutions (in the girls' bathroom) on both days were duly followed by queer dishes for breakfast and copious amounts of warm 'traditional Kerala herbs' water.

Talk by Aruna Roy - Social Worker

Yeah...this one was a first too. Never before had I heard a woman her age so shrill and full of zest. Although she has done commendable work for the cause of RTI and NREGS, she had me go a little ballistic over her pro-Congress and anti-BJP remarks. And she did…