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God's Own Backwaters

Yeah yeah...I know its been a long time since I posted. I'm so lazy and easily bored that even ranting about it online has become boring. So much for a positive outlook! Anyway I've been wanting to write about this for quite a while now. The draft was ready months ago...just that I was too lazy to click 'Publish'.
Before final year exclusives like block parties and job treats could take over, it was our first weekend as a final year(which, I still feel, sucks!). Three of us were stuffed in one 7th Block room a la 2nd year which we couldn't take anymore. But the BIG positive was that there was LAN so we grabbed up every download slot that we could. Maadu and I were somehow more keen on getting off our asses than download movies and sitcoms. After convincing everyone else(except Chakki of course!), we decided on a one-day trip. My affair with Kerala was far from over...
Ashes(reporting for NGC!), .com, KK, Suri, Shanky, Maadu, Kini and yours truly set off from college …