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Phoren hand

Officially done treating English as a ‘foreign language’. So let me put my knowledge of this new exotic language to some use. The language is still very ‘foreign’ to me, so I haven’t really gone beyond bullet points since ‘bullet points are what are mainly used by teachers during lectures in an “academic environment”!!!’
•First Diwali in NITK – awesome! There’re a lot of things we miss by scampering home every festival. This is the ONLY time I’ve wished I weren’t a Bangy. •Q. Connect - Muffins, samosas, pastries, glucose biscuits, repeated power failure, Domino’s Pizza, cardboard cartons, sleep (well, almost...almost! ), Suhas’ jinx A – Events during my TOEFL •Garnered Diwali foodie-goodies from home! :D •I can finally get back to engineering, and what better a way to do that than ENGINEER Golden Jubilee Edition? Think. Create. You’ll know what to do next. •Festive spirit aside, I’m still remorseful about one thing...
Anyway Happy Deepavali all :)