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Continuing in my new-found foreign language...excuse all errors - syntactic and semantic. Kindly adjust. :PTake mandatory non-engineering exams - check.Get thulped in said exam - check.Crib about no LAN in mega block and mess food - check and Duh! check.Clubs, committees, et cetera - check, check...and check.See some of the best music, theatre and dance performances - check.ENGINEER - check. :)Projects - check.Get a job - check. Get GPL for said job - check, thrice (grrrr...)!Get offer letter, freak out neurotic friend - check. :P Job treat - check (burrp!), thanks to bhatTI. :DSunfeast Pasta Treat in the room - check.Deliver GPL to 18 guys in one night (and be one of the 18)- check.Manage to sit glued to chair during DIP endsem for more than 2hrs - checkUpdate blog - check.
To do: Get an awesome cameraSTUDY! for endsems!Till next time...