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Desktop Calendar - December 2011

When the south-west monsoons have receded, Bangalore and its surroundings receive rainfall courtesy depressions in the Bay of Bengal. I was at Madhugiri last weekend, and was lucky enough to see a cloudburst. This picture was taken atop the huge monolithic fort, and this view of cloudburst over the Devarayana Durga Hills made me forget the horrible roads and everything else! Happy December!

Unseen Bangalore: Lakes - Part 1

Love the new Dynamic theme from Blogger.

Distinguished scientist C N R Rao had once said, and I concur - that a real Bangalorean is someone who was there before the IT boom happened. So, as a third-generation Bangalorean who has spent nearly 2 decades residing in the north end of the city, my love for it has multiplied post-Surathkal, and it really annoys me when a non-Bangalorean walks up to me and says 'Are yaar Bangalore only has like 10 malls - there's nothing to see in this city!'! So I write this post hoping to eradicate that annoyingly false notion.

For one, Bangalore is a city of many lakes. The minor river of Vrishabhavathi flows by the western part of the city, but now all that remains of it is a stream of sewage. So no, Bangalore has no river. But the presence of numerous lakes more than makes up for the lack of rivers or the sea. The city once had many, many more lakes, but they've all given way to buildings and the like. The Kempegowda Bus Station (or Majest…

Meanwhile in Sandalwood...

Oh no they didn't!

Do pay attention to the tagline! Saw this on the way back from work...o_O

Desktop Calendar - July 2011

Picture taken while passing by Cubbon Park on my way home on a work day. Amazing how the fact that there's a pristine 100-acre lung space right in the heart of Bangalore slips out the mind when we pass by it so often - sometimes it is important to pause and look around!

Trying to be non-plussed the wait is over. Months of "Wonder what's Google upto?" questions were laid to rest as Google, amidst much expectation, unveiled Google+. After using pretty much most of the features of Google's new venture that makes the entire web a social network of sorts, and with the constant, handy updates from our in-house customer care representative Bharath Ravi, here's what I think of G+.
Pro's: It's from Google - so its no-nonsense. Vic Gundotra and his colleagues at Google must've carefully observed what Facebook lacks in terms of privacy. And so circles, voila! You can make a few circles see your pictures, see what you +1'ed, view your posts or my personal favourite - you can even control your status in chat as available/busy to circles you choose! Clearly, as far as privacy goes, this is a BIG win for Google+.The Hangout feature - video chatting with upto 10 people at once. Instant hit! Microsoft+Skype - can read 'em and weep! Facebook int…

Desktop Calendar - June 2011

I return with a picture taken from the GKVK Campus, one of my favourite places in Bangalore.

Bangalore skies welcome the monsoons with open arms!

Desktop Calendar - January 2011

Photo taken along the extremely picturesque Sakaleshpur-Subramanya railway line.

Happy New Year folks!