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Desktop Calendar - July 2011

Picture taken while passing by Cubbon Park on my way home on a work day. Amazing how the fact that there's a pristine 100-acre lung space right in the heart of Bangalore slips out the mind when we pass by it so often - sometimes it is important to pause and look around!

Trying to be non-plussed the wait is over. Months of "Wonder what's Google upto?" questions were laid to rest as Google, amidst much expectation, unveiled Google+. After using pretty much most of the features of Google's new venture that makes the entire web a social network of sorts, and with the constant, handy updates from our in-house customer care representative Bharath Ravi, here's what I think of G+.
Pro's: It's from Google - so its no-nonsense. Vic Gundotra and his colleagues at Google must've carefully observed what Facebook lacks in terms of privacy. And so circles, voila! You can make a few circles see your pictures, see what you +1'ed, view your posts or my personal favourite - you can even control your status in chat as available/busy to circles you choose! Clearly, as far as privacy goes, this is a BIG win for Google+.The Hangout feature - video chatting with upto 10 people at once. Instant hit! Microsoft+Skype - can read 'em and weep! Facebook int…