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The United Quirks of America

So, I’m in the US. the supposed land of opportunity. And so far, the opportunities outside of the assignments, projects and the (almost daily) trips to the grocery store, have been few and far apart. Life as a poor Indian grad (henceforth referred to as a PIG) sure is tough, and after two years of work and squandering salary as pocket money, the PIG experience is surely making me eat humble pie (or whatever version of it that I can cook). 
For the last 4 months, I’m calling an 80-year old yet-unfinished place my home. And where I live, is a place famous for every act of entertainment and debauchery known to man – The City of Angels. And sadly, but for a few places, I haven’t seen much of the city. A city where there are internship openings for dog photography must surely be interesting!
In the time I've been here, I have noticed a few distinct quirks about the US and its people, which I’m pretty sure every incoming (esp. Indian) grad student will have asked himself/herself. Now tha…